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Terms of Service

Last Updated: January 25th, 2019

1. User Agreement: EdgeineersClub.com agrees to furnish services to the customers, subject to the following Terms of Service. All provisions of this contract are subject to the Terms of Service of Edgeineers Club. The Terms of Service may be changed from time to time at the discretion of the Organization. Subscriber understands that change to the Terms shall not be grounds for early contract termination.

This Agreement shall be construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of India, applicable to contracts enforceable in that country. Venue will be New Delhi, the Capital of India.

2. Right to refuse service: Edgeineers Club reserves the right to refuse service to any customer at anytime within reasonable means/requests through rejecting or refunding the amount paid by the user.

3. Contact Information: You must provide us with, and keep current, good contact information for you. E-mails are used to contact preferably. This information can be kept up to date by sending email to support@edgeineersclub.com.

4. Refunds: All payments to Edgeineers Club are non-refundable, unless Edgeineers Club remains unable to provide the service or Otherwise Stated.

5. Money Back Guarantee: Money back guarantee refers to refund of a part of the total amount paid, which is proportionately calculated by the amount of services not received within delivery time frame. Money back guarantee is applicable to all the products/services without respect to whether they are mentioned on the services page.

6. 2x Money Back Guarantee: 2x money back guarantee refers to refund for twice the amount of services which were not received. Proportionate calculations are made same as in Money Back Guarantee, but the only difference is that twice of the amount is refunded. This is not applicable to the product or service, unless specifically stated.

7. Fair Duration Extension: If a customer has a running campaign with Edgeineers Club & he makes payment for starting another campaign on the same object before the previous one ends, the timer for the campaign purchased would be started after end of the previous campaign, resulting in fair extension to the expected delivery date of the second purchase.

8. Order Cancellation: Edgeineers Club provides freedom to the customers to cancel an order, subject to the procedure & time provided. The order cancellation procedure has to be followed within 24 hours of the order placement. An email has to be sent at orders@edgeineersclub.com with your order and transaction details. The email address used for requesting refund must be the same which was used to place the order, without which the refunds will not be processed. The order cancellation attracts no fees if the transaction is made through paypal, but if made through other sources, attracts a transfer charge of 2.5% which the company has to incur.

9. Processing Time: Processing time refers to the time before we are prepared to initiate the order. This includes the time which is spent to contact the customer for asking his exact requirements. The processing time may be extended depending upon promptness of the customer to reply our concerns.

10. Inadequacy due to Dual Operations: Edgeineers Club do not hold any guarantee of the inadequacy which the customer may incur due to making simultaneous purchases, one from Edgeineers Club and another from outside the ambit of our business. We strongly recommend our users not to make any purchases from other companies on the same object before Edgeineers Club finishes rendering the current service. In such event, Edgeineers Club will not be held accountable to provide any refunds for inadequacy in totality.

11. Forfeiture of Amount: The event if the customer doesn’t responds to the emails sent by Edgeineers Club, asking for the requirements of the order even after 30 days of the payment, the amount shall stand forfeited.

12. Third Party Accountability: Edgeineers Club subscribers will be held responsible and accountable for any activities performed by third parties during the order completion. This includes, but is not limited to making funny comments on the posts, posting spammy links etc. The subscriber must understand that the services provided are totally organic and the advertisers much remain prepared to face the actual human behavior. Our guarantee towards these activities is limited to the extent that these would not be counted as a part of the services rendered, or if counted, the reclamation guarantee will be provided.

13. Partial Payments: Partially paid amount for services are subject to order cancellation & forfeiture within a span of 30 days. If you desire to cancel your purchase, please follow the proper procedure to do this as outlined in these terms of service.

14. Legal Threats & Professional Behavior: The customers are requested to behave in an acceptable manner towards Edgeineers Club employees. Any unreasonable threats, either personal or against the company will be considered as breach of these conditions. Personal abuse towards Edgeineers Club or legal threats against the business are viewed as extremely serious. Edgeineers Club reserves the right to refuse to do business with a person or a business entity as a result and possibly terminate any contract in question.

15. Support Boundaries: Edgeineers Club, provides online technical support to our subscribers. We limit our technical support to our area of expertise. Edgeineers Club does not provide support for customers of customers (in case of resellers). If you can e-mail, we encourage you to e-mail support@edgeineersclub.com, or post in our discussion forums for assistance.

16. Illegal use: Edgeineers Club services may not be used for illegal purposes, or in support of illegal activities. Edgeineers Club reserves the right to cooperate with legal authorities and/or injured third parties in the investigation of any suspected crime or civil wrongdoing.

17. Replenishment Guarantee: Replenishment guarantee is our commitment towards excellence. Edgeineers Club provides replenishment guarantee wherever stated, which means that the services provided will remain intact & of high quality during the time specified. If the services provided drops or loses its quality, then a customer holds right to get it replaced, healed or restored under reclamation guarantee.For Instagram Followers, user must not modify, change or remove account/username during or after completion of marketing campaign. Doing so may make account inaccessible and cause an interruption of our service. User agrees that any changes, modifications or removal of your account or username without prior notice and approval from EdgeineersClub, will make affected order(s) subject to terminations and ineligible for any type of refund or replenishment of service.

18. Best Price Guarantee: If any person through any means found to provide the same or higher quality services at a depreciated cost, without compromising with pace & the quality of the services, the customer holds a right to ask for refund of the additional amount paid.

19. Inferior Entry-Level Campaigns: If the customer has availed inferior campaigns prior to making purchase from us, which are now causing negative impact, Edgeineers Club holds no guarantee of the deficiency in the total services provided by the company. Edgeineers Club may pause the current campaign at any point to review the quality of the past campaign and re-project the result of the current campaign.

20. Campaign Results, Sales, Contests and Other Expectations: Edgeineers Club takes no guarantee of results of the campaign like generation of sales, winning of contests etc. Anyone expecting the similar output as a liability of Edgeineers Club may not receive the services.

21. Under and Over Deliveries: Since the the object is advertised over network, we can't provide the exact amount of services purchased by us. The amount of service mentioned on the service page refers to the minimal amount that will be rendered. In case it is a case of under delivery, a customer can contact us to replenish it and should not complain in case it is a case of over delivery.