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Facebook is another world for us where we share a lot of things such as wonderful memories like birthdays, events, hangouts and much more through posting photos, videos, statuses etc. We can make your facebook page and profile famous by making your post hit thousands of likes and comments in just a short span of time and it costs no more than a few bucks. Below are the services we offer for Facebook.

 Facebook Photo Likes

As low as ¢1 Per Like

Make your friends jealous by having the most number of likes. Subscribe to this service now!

 Facebook Status Likes

As low as ¢1 Per Like

Make every status that you put on your Facebook wall/page the most liked status by subscribing to this service.

 Facebook Video Likes

As low as ¢1 Per Like

Whether it be your funny ice-bucket challenge, cooking recipe or business venture, make it highly popular by getting many likes. Just subscribe to this service and have fun.

 Facebook Emoticon Reactions

As low as ¢ 16 Per Emo

Get more than just likes on your Facebook updates and cherry top them with reactions such as Wow, Love & More.

 Facebook Video Views

As low as ¢ 0.3 Per View

Catch thousands of eyeballs on any video uploaded on facebook. All views are delivered genuinely by sharing videos on popular pages.

 Facebook Page Likes

As low as ¢0.05 Per Like

Now get your pages any number of likes as you want on your Facebook page and increase your rank.

 Facebook Post Shares

As low as ¢1.4 Per Share

Make your posts popular not just by 'likes' but by the most amount of shares as well.

 Facebook Comments

As low as ¢10 Per Comment

Want many people to appreciate the shared video, or the image you posted. We cater to all. Subscribe now and get appreciations on your shared/posted status, image,video,etc.

 Facebook 5 Star Ratings

As low as ¢ 10 Per 5 Star

Get more ratings on your Facebook Pages and cherry top them with 5 Star Ratings.

 Facebook Insight Page Visits & Check Ins

As low as ¢1.25 Per Visit

Want to be popular on Facebook? Our service guraantees you more check-in and visits that will boost your page's value and rank boosted.

 Facebook Comments Likes

As low as ¢25 per like

Make your friends jealous by having the most number of likes. Subscribe to this service now!

 Facebook Website Likes

As low as ¢1 Per Like

This service of ours will get you a Facebook Like button on your webpage so that visitors and viewers can increase your ranking and value everytime they hit 'like'.

 Facebook Album Likes

As low as ¢1 Per Like

Wanna make your Wedding Album or your High School Prom Night Album popular? Check out this service immediately.

 Facebook Profile Followers

As low as ¢ 0.05 Per Follow

Have a great many followers of your profile by subscribing to this service that we provide now!

 Facebook Group Members

As low as ¢ 0.2 Per Member

Want to create a group that has high number of members so as to increase your group page's ranking? Subscribe now for great offers!

 Facebook Special Packages

As low as $2 Onwards

Check out some of the special packages, offers, bonus and discounts that we offer for our Facebook services.